Autumn Wedding Ideas

October 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


What better way to welcome in October than with an Autumn Wedding Inspiration post?! Fall is such a wonderful time of year and it can be the perfect decorating inspiration for your wedding! I have thought about what my fall wedding would be like (if I were to have had one, which I did not)... I've always thought that I wouldn't want it to be too "pumpkin-y" and orange; so you won't see too much of that in this post, however, if you are interested in more orange and more pumpkins you can see some on my Autumn Wedding Inspiration board!

I really love the first several images below that have either a ruby-inspiration, or mostly white with gold accents. I really like how both of these options bring in the fall atmosphere without being too candy corn + hay bails-- please don't get me wrong... I LOVE candy corn!   =]

I also love the thought of having a pie dessert table, maybe a campfire + blankets, and apple cider of course! Autumn brings such a wonderful crisp freshness to the end of a long hot summer. It's just so refreshing and I can't imagine that guests wouldn't enjoy a beautiful outdoor ceremony~


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