Pregnancy Update • Week 37

October 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Week 37.... I am technically full term this week! Due date still isn't for 3 more weeks, but if the baby were to come now all of the organs would be good to go in this new world! I can't believe I'll only be taking a few more of these photos! My doctor guestimated that Itty Bitty was around 6.5 pounds last week, so there's only about one more pound or so to gain (based on how much most babies gain at the end of the third trimester).

I'm still feeling pretty great! Yeah- tying my shoes is a little interesting, and my ribs feel pretty sore by the end of the day; but all things considered, I'm so thankful for how well I'm feeling! I'm about half CraZy to meet this little person that God is entrusting to us! Boy or girl? Outgoing or shy? Head of hair or bald? Patient or impatient? No matter what God decides is best for us, it's just going to be the most amazing thing in the world.



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