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November 20, 2014  •  1 Comment

As you may have noticed, there has been an extreme break in my blogging and online presence recently. Well, that's because our BABY BOY has arrived! He's been consuming the entirety of my days and nights for the past 4 weeks. I still count it a success if he and I both bathe in the same day, but I am slowly trying to get back on the blogging horse. In the fore-seeable future there will be some weeks where I will be able to get a blog post up and some weeks I will not. I thank you for your grace and understanding as I discover and learn to handle my life's new normal.

I have lots of catching up to do– I still need to reveal our nursery, show you all around the beautiful baby shower my mom and sister created for us, and I'll share an abbreviated version of our son's birth story, and who knows what else will be in store for you?! Since this exciting adventure of parenthood kicked off two weeks early our nursery isn't quite completed yet, so for now I'll start with introducing you to our precious bundle from heaven.

Trevor Levi Bittner was born on October 25th at 2:08am. He was 7lbs. 13oz. and 20.5" long. He was and is healthy and strong, and we both made it through the delivery without major complications. I just feel so overwhelmingly blessed to be entrusted with this little life. People have always told me that you just can't understand the love of a parent until you become one. I now know what they mean... it's like my heart has exploded into a million pieces and I can never put it back. It's such a deep, crazy, and beautiful love!

I'm so excited to share some photos with you that a beautiful new friend of mine, Nicola Herring, took of our little family. Enjoy! And thanks so much for reading!


I requested that we do a photo with some clouds somehow since the nursery is "you are my sunshine" theme... this is what we came up with! I LOVE it!  =]



Aunt TinTin(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful - I just love the one where it looks like his little cheeks are draped up into that gorgeous smile. ((hugs))
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