Bittner Brief • Christmas!!

December 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

What a wonderful Christmastime it was for this little Bittner Family! It was so fun sharing our Christmas with our sweet little baby. Of course, he's too young to really appreciate the holiday, but we made sure it was a good one nonetheless!

About a week before Christmas, Lance, Trevor, and I set off for a visit to Kitchen Kettle Village. It's something Lance and I have done around Christmastime the past few years and we're happy to make it a permanent Christmas tradition =]  We enjoyed LOTS of food samples– jellies, salsas, meats, cheeses, and more of the like– and perusing cute shops while sipping on our coffees... little Trevor was strapped on and all snuggled up.

The weekend before Christmas we traveled up to my parents' house to have Christmas with my family. We also had a 15th annual holiday get-together with our group of friends from "back home". We love these peeps so much and even though we live in many different places and some of us have growing families, we still make it a priority to get together a couple times throughout the year. This annual holiday party at one point (years ago) morphed from a formal event to a themed costume party, which is taken quite seriously by most of us. There are usually events throughout the evening, an open mic/talent show, delicious food, a dance party, and the night is almost always wrapped up with a good long session of Rock Band... yeah, we're a pretty odd crew... but that's how we like it  =]

A highlight that I must mention from my family's Christmas was the little pair of moccasins that my brother MADE (as in: he started with a piece of leather...) for Trevor. They actually weren't a Christmas present, they were a "congratulations on being born" gift that wasn't able to be delivered until Christmas. But they looked completely adorable hanging in the Christmas tree for us to find!

I was so happy to spend time with my family... everyone was able to be there, which always makes for a fantastic time. Gifts were exchanged, grandparents dropped in, Trevor was passed around, and we all sat down to a delicious meal. Talk about a full heart. <3

Trevor had his first baby sitting experience! Sweet Aunt Rachel took good care of him while Lance and I slipped out to our church's Christmas Eve service (which is always an experience at our church... one that isn't fun to miss!). Then the morning of Christmas day was spent at home, just the three of us. We opened our gifts and Trevor made a valiant effort at ripping his tissue paper-wrapped present! Lance whipped up some roasted chick peas, then we hopped over to Lance's parents' house for Christmas with his side! I'll tell ya- I just love the holiday season! So much cozy, soul-filling family time, it's such a wonderful thing. I consider myself truly blessed to be a part of amazing, loving families.

As fun as it is to get together with those you love and to exchange gifts, good laughs, and good food at Christmas, the real meaning is celebrating God's gift to the world– his son, Jesus! So above all I'm thankful for the love, grace, and salvation that came down at Christmas.

I hope you had a marvelous Christmas yourself and here's sending you the warmest wishes for a healthy and blessed New Year!!



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