New Year, New Perspective • 2015 Goals

January 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

With every new year comes new aspirations, new dreams, and new adventures! 2014 was, indeed, a wonderful year, and this week I'm looking forward to the new year that has already begun!

There's no doubt that having a baby changes everything– it changes your daily routine and priorities, it changes when you eat, when you sleep, how much time you spend at the grocery store; it changes your entire view of this world, this life, and love. And it's safe to say that from here on out my life is different than it used to be, and I welcome it with open arms! I'd be completely lying if I said I've got it all figured out... I do not. I intend to have plans in place, but I fully expect to be figuring a great deal out as it comes to me.

There's lots I want to achieve in 2015, and what better place to start than here at the very beginning? There's plenty to do in my personal life as well as in my business, so I thought I'd share those things with you today!


Personal Goals

• Have consistent date nights with Lance. I think this is important for any married couple, and I'm placing even greater value on it now that we have a little one consuming much of our time! We've got to regroup and remind ourselves that before we were "Mommy" and "Daddy", we were each others'.

• Make a list of 'fun, cheap adventures' that we can do as a family or just Lance and I. (Any good ideas for our list? I'd love to hear 'em in the comments below!!)

• Cut back on my sugar intake. I've got a hardcore sweet tooth!!

• Dive into cloth diapering!

• Appreciate every fleeting life stage that my little boy goes through– the fun and the not so fun. It's all a part of what makes life life!

• Get back to pre-pregnancy weight minus 5 pounds! I've been working out for several weeks now and I'm slowly making progress, just need to keep going strong!

• Continue to aggressively pay down school loans.

• Be the very best Mommy that I can be!

• Reduce the clutter in my house... I'm a bit of a pack rat. I find myself all ready to get rid of something, then a little voice inside says, "but what if I need this someday?"... more often than not, I do not ever need that thing again. (But it does feel so good when, once in a blue moon, I'm able to locate that one specific thing that is needed for a particular situation!) I'm also a very sentimental person, so it's hard to let go of many "special" little things.

• Figure out when my devotional/prayer time can be. I had been pretty good about sitting down during breakfast for my quiet time, but these days I'm lucky if I have time to eat breakfast before lunchtime!... still working on juggling this new life!

• Keep up with meal plans. My week goes so much better when I plan out the next week's meals the weekend before and grocery shop for what is needed. I just need to be more disciplined about doing it! And along with that, I need to be better about planning meals using as much of what I can that is already in our pantry and freezer! Seems like an obvious thing to do, but I rarely inventory my kitchen before meal planning.

• Steer clear of the "comparison trap"... choose joy daily.

• Give every aspect of my life over to God (every single day). He's the only one that can be trusted with all of my fears, hopes, and dreams.


Business Goals

• Reclaim a consistent blog schedule... baby changed that too =] 

• Rebrand my business. This is a big one and it has been in the works for a while, I just haven't been giving it the time and attention it requires.

• Create and stick to a new workflow! I'll have to do things differently now that I have a little one! Excited about the crazy organization that is in my Day Designer planner (– looking forward to using it to help me keep myself on track!

• Hone in on and refine my personal shooting style. Look for ways to improve my photography and push my creativity.

• Continue to build deeper relationships with our 2015 couples as well as with other professionals in the industry!

• Keep my office cleaner!

• Be open to new opportunities.


That's it, Friends! I'm so excited to make this year the best one yet for my faith, for my marriage & family, and for my business!



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