Bittner Brief • December 2015

December 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Ahh– December... what a magical month it has been! We had been so looking forward to Christmas this year... last year Trevor was just two tiny months old and couldn't appreciate the joy and magic of Christmas just yet. But this year he was definitely an active participant! Early in December we went searching for the perfect Christmas tree. Trevor had lots of fun wielding the measuring stick and tromping around the tree field.


The most exciting part of this month was my big brother getting MARRIED!!! I can't even express to you how exciting and joyous this was for me and my whole family. Adam has always been a free bird. A happy bachelor. I wasn't sure he'd ever have the desire to be married; but it's amazing how everything changes when you find the right one. Adam and Kristin worked so hard on creating such an awesome day to celebrate their union– their unmatched creativity poured over everything to make their day truly enchanted.  As I once conveyed about my sister's wedding, it was almost painful to witness such beautiful and meaningful moments and not have my camera in front of me. But I wouldn't miss being in the bridal party for the world. I did manage to capture a few details here and there, and there will be a full blog post on this in the future. =]


CHRISTMAS DAY!! Trevor had the great need to hang out in Dixie's bed for a lot of the present opening, which was fine because Dixie was busy with a present of her own. Trevor received simple gifts, which were a big hit– especially his baseball cap (he wears this pretty much all day every day), a tube of racquet balls (he and Daddy have already come up with a fun game in the hallway with them), and a wooden tool box complete with wooden tools. We started the morning off by reading the Christmas Story in Trevor's Beginner's Bible, and because it was such a beautiful and warm day on Christmas day, Lance and Trevor enjoyed a little yard clean up in the afternoon.


Not only did we have extremely mild weather on Christmas day, but it's been this way for much of December. So Trevor is enjoying every opportunity he has to get his hands in the dirt. =]


We are very excited to welcome in the new year in just a couple more days! We have so much to be thankful for and so much wonderful life to look forward to! Wishing you a very wonderful New Year!


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