Bittner Brief • April

April 29, 2015  •  1 Comment

My oh my– I have not been keeping up with the Bittner Brief posts. My little guy is keeping me so busy! However, I have found a tiny shred of time, so I thought I'd catch you up on our year so far!

Trevor is growing like a weed! He just turned six months old and I can't believe that it was only months ago that he was a little pile of love in our arms. And today he is a wiggling, giggling, squirming, squealing, grabbing, reaching, rolling, learning, babbling, amazing & adorable little boy! It's shocking how much a human grows, changes, and learns in their first year of life... so wondrous.

Dixie and I have been getting back into our walks now that the weather is getting to be pretty awesome, Trevor accompanies us, of course. Lance, Trevor, and I have been enjoying time meandering through greenhouses and we're gearing up the beginning phases of our garden. The tulips have sprung in our flower beds and all of our flowering trees are popping open. We can't wait for the lilac blossoms to burst and share their glorious fragrance with us [any day now]!

We are very excited for this weekend because it's our first wedding of the year! We're so ready to get back into it! I've been shooting some engagement sessions and meeting with clients to talk all about their big day... it's been great =]

Our little guy keeps me busier than I ever could have imagined– my days are filled with baby baths, children's songs, lots of feeding, sweet giggles, and overall fascination just watching him become a person. I'm so thankful for this time in my life and I am doing everything I can to fill my heart up with all of these precious baby moments (and that fuzzy little head!! I'm so in love with his peach fuzz). It's so crazy that we are responsible for the kind of person he turns out to be... like we are directly molding who he becomes... it's mind boggling! Such an incredible and immense responsibility. We are so blessed to have this opportunity to... I don't know... make something good in the world. We certainly aren't and won't be perfect parents... unfortunately, such a thing does not exist; but we are going to do everything we can to teach Trevor [and his future siblings] how to distinguish between right and wrong, how important it is to take care of this world we've been entrusted with, how to love people, and how to let his light shine for all to see.




Trevor's light IS shining! Good job, Mommy & Daddy! ;-)
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