Bittner Brief • July 2016

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Hello my sweet friends!

Let's dive right in, shall we? It's been a very busy summer so far! And one of the reasons is because we're preparing for the arrival of baby #2!!!

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Baby brother is due in early October– and it's coming up so quickly! It never ceases to amaze me how much preparation there is to be done when a baby's on the way. Although, we did decide to upgrade Trevor to a new, big boy room and just leave the nursery as is, so that has been a very helpful decision. We are still working to get Trevor's room all pulled together.

We have been up to quite a few other activities than just baby prep...

We took a day trip to Longwood Gardens and had such a great time! They now have an indoor water play area for kids and it was just the icing on the cake for Trevor! Well... I suppose if you ask Trevor the icing on the cake may be a toss up between the water play and the active construction site that we were able to behold. Longwood is revamping their fountain area (into something even more amazing I'm sure!) and it was the busiest construction site I've ever seen. Trevor was in his glory!


Instead of doing a big vacation this summer we decided to do some closer, smaller weekend trips with friends and family and so far they have been so much fun! First up was a trip with family to the Chesapeake Bay– none of us had ever been there and we were excited to see how it worked for our families with little ones. It was the perfect beach trip for toddlers... you had the sand, the sun and the bay (which we referred to as the ocean); but the bay was so great because our adventurous little boys were able to play in the water's edge to their heart's content (or until nap time was calling) without being clobbered by waves. It was just such a nice and peaceful place to be– we're accustomed to going to crowded tourist beaches and it was nothing like those.


Trevor (and Lance) have been having lots of fun playing outside in the flower beds with a small fleet of trucks. There's endless hauling and dumping to do out there.


More recently we spent a weekend at Raystown Lake with some friends & family, another first for us which turned out great! As far as the kids were concerned we were at the beach again and intense daily sand rearranging commenced. The adults among us enjoyed the peace & quiet of sitting around a campfire in the evenings– after dinner, bath time and bed time routines were all taken care of. We talked, laughed and made up wonderful ice-cream-toasted-marshmallow-in-a-mug desserts. It's been a while since Lance and I have chilled around a campfire and it just felt so right.


Another favored past time for Lance and Trevor is working, or just playing, in the garden! Trevor is so excited when we ask him if he wants to go out and check the tomatoes... this kid is a cherry tomato enthusiast and he loves to go out and pick just the orange ones. He really struggled when the tomatoes were only starting to appear and they were all green... we lost a few good tomatoes back then but he's got the hang of it now! He picks the ripe ones then makes a mad dash back to the house to wash the ones he can hold in his hands and eat them.  =]


I hope YOU have been having a great summer as well! Thanks so much for reading– I hope I didn't bore you too much with family vacation photos  =]


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