The Adventure Continues...

September 06, 2016  •  1 Comment

Yesterday Lance and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary... 6 years married and 11 years together!! How is this possible? Am I getting old?.... .. ...nah.

6 years into our love story, 1 toddler and 1 little piece of heaven soon to be revealed to us. This is kind of exactly how I imagined my life... not all the tiny details of course, but a loving husband who stirs my heart every day when I watch him with our son– a son who opened up a whole new depth of love into my heart– and another one on the way! God is so good. I'm not saying every day is perfect, every day is far from perfect. Goodness, this photo shoot was far from perfect (aka: a toddler was involved), but I'm learning that it is so much better to just be in the moment, whatever that moment looks like.

Yes, life is far from perfect; but when I take a step back and get a tiny glimpse of my life from the outside, I can see how truly blessed I am. Family pictures do just that for me... they let me see my life from a lens other than my own. Take it back to the basics and think about what truly matters in this fleeting world. There is nothing more precious and irreplaceable in this life than relationships–– beginning with the relationships at home. Family is such a beautiful gift.

We had no big plans yesterday for our anniversary, no fun getaway, no gifts, no flowers... just this photo shoot. And this is so much more valuable to me than any anniversary gift. A look at all that I've been given. Such a wonderful way to celebrate the continuing of our adventure together as a couple and as a family.

Once again, I have to thank my sweet friend, Brittney (Brittney Kreider Photography), for these lovely photos. She took time out of her busy wedding season to capture this moment in our lives for us. Love you so much, Brittney!!

Alright, I'm done writing now because all I'm doing is making myself cry, haha. Hope you enjoy our little anniversary/maternity/family session!



Oh be still my heart–


These next two are obviously outtakes, but he's just so handsome I had to include them!


How his daddy knows how to make him laugh! =]


Holding my two best boys will never get any easier than this!


Here's to the continuing of an adventure.



Gram/Gr. Gram H.(non-registered)
There are no words to describe my joy, to be reading this beautiful story& see the beautiful pics. PTL
My heart swells with love,Thanksgiving,& pride❤❤
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