Zeke's Birth Story

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Eight days after I posted the last personal blog post, "The Adventure Continues...", our second son entered the world! It's a good thing we got those maternity photos when we did! The few days leading up to September 14th I had an incline that our baby was coming soon– I was nesting like a mad woman! I felt like there were a million projects I wanted to wrap up and it all had to happen now. All of those projects did not get finished now and as it turns out, we are surviving just fine!

As with Trevor's birth story I will warn you that this post may contain "yuckies"– if you are not into hearing stories that involve people being born and things of the like there are lots of other pretty blog posts you may prefer to peruse. =]

On the night of September 13th, somewhere around 9:00pm, I had the suspicion that my water had broken... just like with Trevor it was just a small trickle. I was a little bit in denial because I had a session to photograph in the morning and I knew if we needed to reschedule it would not be able to happen any time soon with the impending due date of our son. So at 7:30am on September 14th I photographed a family session for our good friends. By the end of the session I was quite sure my water had broken– it was a very steady trickle now. Once I got home I called Lance at work and told him I was pretty sure it was time. I remember being stressed out because all of those loose ends I mentioned were not wrapped up yet. Sweet, level-headed Lance talked me down. After I got off the phone with him I called the hospital. Lance came home at lunchtime and we made our way to triage to verify that my water did break. Indeed it had and I was admitted!

At about 3:30pm I was moved from triage over to a Labor & Delivery room. And just like with Trevor, I needed to be given Pitocin to move my labor along because I wasn't feeling any of my contractions yet– our hospital's policy is to not let your water be broken for more than 24 hours due to the possibility of infection without the water fluids to shield the baby from the outside world. I was so ready to get in - have the baby - get out. Trevor was with Lance's parents and this was the first time he'd be away from us overnight, so I just wanted to get the show on the road and start our new life as a family of four!

At 4:00pm the nurse asked if I would like to order something to eat before they got the Pitocin started... since you're not able to eat solids while on it. I decided to have a "power snack" as Lance called it (chicken salad on rye bread) since I'd obviously be missing dinner and I figured I could use all the extra energy that I could get. At 4:30pm they began the Pitocin!

I'm not sure what time it was but my dearest and truest friend, Brittney, arrived sometime in the afternoon to photograph our little boy's birth (she also photographed Trevor's birth). She helped Lance and I pass the time, I was very happy to have her there to help me take my mind off of all the waiting we were doing.

It wasn't until 7:00pm that I finally started feeling consistent, mild contractions. I was really wishing things would move faster! At 8:25pm I asked Lance to turn on my Needtobreathe Pandora station (my very favorite one).

10:45pm– first signs of me feeling something real!! I was watching the clock constantly– willing myself to beat it... if the baby arrived before 12:00am we would only have to stay one more night... if the baby arrived at 12:01am or later we would need to stay two more nights, and like I said, I was anxious to be on the fast track out of there!

Contractions were getting to be more regular and increasing in strength for a while, then there was a point where they stopped. I mean stopped. . . . It was frustrating and I came to terms at that point with the fact that our little boy was probably not going to arrive before midnight. I had no other choice but to accept it! When the contractions did come back they weren't fooling around anymore- these were the real-deal-baby's-en-route-contractions. My body started pushing involuntarily during them and it was happening quickly.  I had Lance push the call button to get a nurse in the room with us. Half of me didn't believe that the baby would be here THAT soon, but the other [instinctual] half of me I guess knew that the baby would be here SOON! I was standing next to the bed during these contractions because it just felt better than lying in the bed; and, hey, if gravity would like to do a little work for me then so be it!

(sweet Lance is fanning me because I was getting incredibly hot during contractions <3 )

I remember I had Lance push the call button again because our nurse didn't appear as quickly as I thought she should. Our nurse came in then and I guess quickly called another nurse and the midwife... they were coming in the door and before our midwife could get her gloves on another contraction came (I'm still standing by the bed). I beared down and prepared myself for this next contraction... this one was different, I didn't know how, but it was different from the others. Again, part of me thought, "there's no way he's coming out already... don't say anything," and the other half of me, thankfully, screeched out, "He's coming!!" And with that, our second son came falling into the world! I was so glad the midwife and nurse got down in time and caught him... I was so afraid he was going to hit the floor! I told the nurse that and with a wave of her hand she said, "pfft– we never let that happen here."  =]


The mad dash!


Boom! Baby!


Oh the relief I felt! I couldn't believe I only had to push 4 times!

Side note: I love this picture. That's my "happy/relieved/can-you-believe-it?!" face. I love that Lance is still fanning me and I really love his super happy face in the mirror. 

I had heard so many other stories of the second baby coming quickly and easier than the first but I was so afraid of getting my hopes up and then having a difficult second delivery. I had myself pretty well convinced that I wouldn't have a quick and easy delivery. But God was gracious to me... to us. Lance was so relieved that there were no "scary" parts during this delivery because there were some scary moments with Trevor.

Praise God! Praise God! Our baby boy was here!


There's just no place closer to heaven then when you're holding a brand new baby... placed in your arms straight from the creative and masterful hands of God... fresh from being made. Welcome to the world, our sweet son.

–Ezekiel Adler Bittner–

September 14, 2016

6 pounds 5 ounces

18.5 inches


And just to wrap the story up for you... Zeke was born at 12:34am so we did end up staying two more nights, which was really kind of great. It gave us some precious quiet time with just Zeke. Trevor wasn't phased in the least sleeping over at Gram & Opa's for three nights in a row– he had a blast. Everything was great =]  Kudos to Lance for setting up this fancy photo of us!



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